10 Things We're Thankful For

10 Things We're Thankful For

As we prepare to close up the joint for another long winter and in honour of Thanksgiving, we thought we would reflect on 10 things we are thankful for this fall. A little straight and to the point this year but we don't really want to think about the lousy process of winterizing. So here you have it!

1. Summer finally showed up in September. We doubted you sun, we really did, but you made it and we thank you for that.

2. Babies. This was the summer of fresh humans. To all the new bay moms out there, we thank you for bringing in your babies and letting us smell them, no it’s not weird, we know you do it too!

3. Kitchi and CQE campers and counsellors. Thank you for proving every stereotype about rowdy teens wrong. Your respect and kindness hasn’t gone unnoticed. We thank you for making our Hive Apparel your unofficial camp uniforms and for always hanging the clothing back on the hangers.

4. Ciboulette et Cie. You are personally responsible for the unexpected weight we have put on this summer but don’t worry, your scones were worth every pound!

5. Ann Green. If you’ve been to yoga then you know.

6. Local supporting Local. A sincere thank you to all of our fellow local businesses who help stock our shelves with beautiful Canadian products.

7. Young and the Town Centre family. Your spirit and efforts have brought that ol' place back to life and you do it with the most sincere kindness. Good neighbours are everything, people!

8. Our delivery gentlemen & ladies. Yes, we are talking about Robin of Purolator and Tom of UPS, the most badass drivers around. FedEx and Canpar you air on the side of "strictly professional" but we can occasionally get a few laughs in. None the less, these people work hard and we appreciate their efficient small town service.

9: Georgian Bay. You are moody, unpredictable, and ever so beautiful. We reinstalled our dock 3 times this year, we yelled Hail Mary’s at your wind storms threatening our roofs, we learned that not even rain can keep us from a cocktail party, and that even on your gloomiest days you are still perfect. Thank you for being faithfully unpredictable Georgian Bay.

10: You. If you are reading this, thank you. No really, thank you for reading this blog and sticking with us all year. We set out to make The Hive a place where you want to come and hang out, chat, drink a cup of coffee and talk about the going-ons of the bay. Thank you for making our dream a reality, for making The Hive a place we look forward to working every day, for being the first smiles we see on a Monday morning, and for always returning the beer wagon. We could have never predicted that we would meet some of our favourite people on the planet within these walls but it's happened. We've made lifelong friends and chosen family, I think it must be something in the bay water.

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