Back to the Bay

Back to the Bay

We’re baaaackkk!

Someone, somewhere, once said it takes a village to raise a child and well, all we have to say to that is that it takes a village to get Honey Harbour back in order. Like bees that buzz around a hive, Honey Harbourites have been buzzing to get boats in the water, docks installed, and stores ready for shopping. As the snowmobiles make their yearly exist and tinny’s and whalers alike wake from hibernation we begin to ready for the seasons opening day.

We took the winter to do some serious reflecting and came to one massive conclusion: keeping up with what’s new and cool is WAY TO F’ING HARD. It’s impossible to keep up with social media and what’s trending, how to be and how to smell, so we’ve ditched it all in attempt to simply refine and be happy. We are going back to the basics people! No, we are not ditching everything that makes us who we are, instead, we are stripping back the frills and froofs and focusing on what we really love. You can expect more locally sourced and made products, a well crafted and curated clothing selection, and products that not only make you feel good but are made from products that we can all feel good about.
If you’ve got to this point and you’re thinking “wow those Hiver’s sound kookier than usual with all the intangible ideas” well we will bring it back down to the realm of tangibility and get you excited about what’s to come this summer. One thing that has always been a pillar of our business foundation has been community and how we as a business help foster a sense of community in Honey Harbour. This season we are taking community to the next level! We are adding a community info billboard to the walls of The Hive: Selling your tinny? Want to start a coffee club? Looking for a babysitter? Tack your adds to our new community info billboard. Along with daily correspondents, we are launching BOAT-TO MOVIES Y’ALL! Yeah, that’s right, bring your boats, your blankets, and probably a couple cans of bug spray because come July we will be livin' large on the dock. Stay tuned for our first movie night of the year! 
Ciboulette Et Cie opened their brand new, full-blown restaurant in Midland which is doing wonderful things for our neighbouring community and they have brought that exquisite flavour to the Harbour. It's one thing to eat, it's another to eat really really well. Local ingredients prepared daily is something that you can’t take for granted on the Bay.
Finally, if you are having a hard time waiting for opening day you can always find us online, (pssst... have you noticed our new look?) We’ve worked long and hard on cleaning up our web act because a semi-functional website just doesn’t cut it these days, yenno? Check it out if you haven’t already, we’d love your feedback!
And now we will sign off as we have an entire store to pull together in less than a week. See you soon, and this time we mean it!

May 12 - 10-6 
May 13 - 10-5 

May 17 11-5 
May 18 11-6 
May 19 9-6
May 20 9-5
May 21 9-5 
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