Listen here August...

Listen here August...

Hi all! Here we are and it's half way through August. Instagram has us trying to make mountains out of molehills with this weather and so this blog post is dedicated to the rain. Oh yeah, and screw you Instagram! Just kidding. But seriously.

Dear Rain,
We don’t hate you we are just over you. We have spent a lot of days with you this summer and although you are generous, you bring us blueberries, lush greenery and rain dances, its time to let your friend the sun come out and play. And so, here is our very modest list of what to do to survive the dampness.

3 Things To Do When It’s Raining:

1: Drive on down the quiet and quaint Honey Harbour road and pop into The Hive. Those lights from the parking lot are so cozy!
2: Curse your way through the stormy waters (mainly resenting the 'tying up' process), safely arriving to The Hive docks. Tadda!
3: Stay inside until the weather passes...then visit The Hive!

No but for real, when you are getting cottage fever and your screaming kids are driving you nuts, bring them to the hive and let them drive our staff nuts!

The rain may not be what we wanted but it’s what we’ve got and you can be sure that we are making the best of it! It may not be a classic sunny summer so far but there are several things we are thankful for because of the rain, like have you seen those post storm sunsets? The rain also brought rising water levels which caused everyone to move their docks to new spots and new is always fun, so there’s that. Have you ever tried stand up paddle boarding in the rain? I bet your garden has never looked better! Coffee is more enjoyable while listening to a storm, falling asleep is more enjoyable listening to a storm, and reading is always more enjoyable listening to a storm. Singing in the rain is not a classic for nothing, it’s fabulous and we should all do it more often!

August at The Hive is shaping up to be the best month yet! We have more beer tastings planned, stand up paddle boarding events, and new stock arrivals daily. We will admit our yearly shipment of “plaid flannels” have arrived a little earlier than normal, but if we are going to embrace the chillier evenings we should at least do so in style! The reception surrounding our Hive apparel has been so greatly appreciated that we are bringing back a classic style in a new way to say thanks for all the support so keep an eye out on our social media(s) for a sneak peak!

What makes Georgian Bayer’s special is that we aren’t afraid of a little rain, it won’t stop us from doing the things we love, it just forces us to do them in more creative ways.

If you are still not with us on the whole “the rain has made the summer better” thing, we can all agree on something; we appreciate the sunny days that much more.

Love all of us at shop,

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