Oh, what a summer it was

Oh, what a summer it was

The final lattes were poured, sweaters were purchased, and goodbyes were said as we closed the doors to the 2016 season. For many of us, it feels like just yesterday we were frantically rushing about trying to get ready for the opening weekend in May. Here we sit today penning a thank you to every single person who made this season such a success.

It’s quite poetic to be closing on a holiday that celebrates giving thanks, as we have a lot to be thankful for. This year we saw the opening of Ciboulette at the Hive, not only are we thankful for the delicious brownies that we all gained 10 pounds off of, but more importantly the immensely kind staff that greeted us every day. We are thankful for Ann Green, who brought her exceptional yoga teachings to the deck of the Hive and allowed us to begin our days grounded and collected. We are above all thankful for you, our customers, our friends, and now our community. Because of our customers the Hive became much more than a store, it became a place of laughter, of stories, and a gathering place for friends.

It is a unique experience to exist through three very different sales seasons. While each season brought its own flavour, all were equally as special. Spring brought a flurry of excitement and changes. The freshness could be felt not only in the air but also on the faces of people as they entered the store for the first time. Summer was a whiz of travellers, cottagers, and campers. As boaters experienced an influx of traffic on the main channel, we experienced the same frenzy in the store. If fall were an animal, fall would be like the Cheshire cat. The pace of life slows right down and peculiar things begin to happen, like seeing bears as frequently as you see people. Despite these differences, not a day went by without laughter, and for that we are truly grateful.

Like many of our fellow Georgian Bay birds, we too are chasing the sun and migrating south for the winter. We are not far though, you can find us on our website, in our Instagram photos or through reading this blog.

Until we are drinking coffee on the deck once more, we wish everyone a tremendous year and look forward to keeping in touch.

With love,
Claire from the Hive.

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