The Hive's 150 weekend

The Hive's 150 weekend

Canada’s 150th birthday has brought us some very sentimental feelings and we will be the first to admit how we don't always LOVE being sentimental; we like the colour black, cloudy days and washed out indie rock so this sentimental stuff is really throwing us off. It’s hard to believe how lucky we are to be able to call Georgian Bay home, and we are forever grateful for all the people that make this place so special. We aren’t crying, you are!

In honour of Canada’s 150th birthday here are 5 things we're doing to celebrate because 150 things seemed overkill (not to mention, how could anyone possibly come up with so many things?!)

  1. A swim sale! I know what you are thinking, we haven’t actually seen the sun yet so why do I require a swimsuit? Well, we have this new theory that if we put on swimwear we will force the sun out of hiding and bring us some better weather. We’re offering 25% off all swimwear including Lspace, Bather, Boys and Arrows, and Maaji (among others lovely brands).
  2. Canadians doing what Canadians do best: drinking local, eating local, and buying local! Lake of Bays Brewing Company are teaming up for a tasting event on Saturday July 1st at 12pm, so stop in and support a couple of local guys trying to make a brew of it! Their philosophy is simple: make great beer, run a down-to-earth business and have some fun while they’re at it! We don’t know if we love them or their beer more!
  3. For those who frequent The Hive, you know as well as we do that the place to be is on the deck in the sun. We couldn’t think of a better weekend to invite our talented Canadian artisans to join us to ring in the big 150. Kate Ward our neighbour from Go Home Bay will be around all day Sunday with her Georgian Bay inspired jewelry. Jeff Wayes, our resident Nova Scotian will be back for live music Saturday afternoon!
  4. Our spa that sits tucked away behind our store front is our favourite hidden gem. Janal and Sonya have created luxury and serenity amid chaos, and by chaos we mean us, and our dogs, and our music, and our excessive laughter and all around debauchery. Hot stone messages, reflexology, and facials are just a few of the treatments offered at the Hive Spa. Because we are convinced the sun is going to come out, we thought it was important that we offer a $75.00 special on a manicure and pedicure combo because toes are weird creatures and we need to show them some love too (for everyone's benefit).
  5. Yoga, yoga and more yoga. 3 yoga’s to be exact, we are officially launching our summer yoga schedule and will be offering morning classes Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 8-9 am. Ann Green is hosting a Yoga Play Day on Saturday July 1st in the late morning, full of SUPPING and yoga and anything else Ann’s crazy fantastic brain conceives of!

The Hive's 150 Weekend is going to be a fabulous red and white whirlwind and we can’t wait to see our favourite Canadians on the dock.

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