Tis' the Season!

Tis' the Season!

The snow has arrived, which on our docks marks the official start to the holiday season. This time of year makes us wonder, where will the lovely folks that occupy the Harbour + the Bay be for the holidays? Will you escape to the cottage for some much needed stillness?

For those in need of a dose of Georgian Bay we thought we’d offer you a brief synopsis of life up north in December. The high paced life that exemplifies the summer has transitioned into a slow idyllic pace. Conversations on the sun deck have moved inside for long drawn, coffee infused, conversations by the fire. Our towels have made the easy transition from deck blankets to door jams to keep out the cold. We have said goodbye to the boats and look patiently onwards to the welcome of the snowmobilers and skiers. As magical as this place is in the summer, it is no competition to the wonder of the bay when it is covered in its winter blanket. As for Georgia, she’s not entirely sure how she feels about this time of year, she misses the endless affection from her many admirers and is very much looking forward to the upcoming hot weather inspired buying trip.

The California Coast and South America are up next on the Hive’s winter mission. We are leaving the comfort of our cozy cabin and heading to warmer weather to scout the next best products for the store. Someone wise once said, “If you’re not moving forward you’re falling behind” and so forward we shall go. New ideas, energy, products, and brands are on the docket for Spring / Summer 2017. If you’re like us and waiting is not one of your specialties, have no fear as we’ve got you covered. In response to the wonderful reception of our Hive Apparel, we have launched new designs just in time for the holidays. These pieces will be hitting our online store next week and we can't wait to hear your feedback.

We must admit, we feel a bit crazy to be the people who willingly choose to live in a place where the weather hurts our faces, where you wouldn’t dare leave the house without mittens and where layers become your best friend. If you’re stuck on what gift to get a person of this nature, check out our hoodies and sweatshirts that meet at the intersection of cozy and practical.

From the Hive staff + Georgia,
we wish everyone a safe and lovely holiday.

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