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Moondance Soothing Oil

Moondance Soothing Oil

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Moondance is our plant-based, pelvic and period pain relief oil that is infused with organic hemp-seed oil to help alleviate pain caused by menstruation and conditions like endometriosis and pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). Hemp-seed oil plays an important natural pain-relieving role in our formula and is intentionally reinforced with pure peppermint essential oil to combat inflammation and leave the skin feeling cool after and during your fiery cramps. Moondance was intentionally formulated with you in mind to fight inflammation and reduce muscular tension. No Uterus? No problem! Moondance doesn’t discriminate and offers relief for common surface and muscular pain! Moondance is not meant to replace any other kind of medicine but is a clean and natural way to complement your pain-relieving regimen.

Made in Canada

  • pelvic pain-relieving essential oils
  • instant cooling and tingling sensation
  • subtle intermittent warming feeling
  • natural pain relieving and healing properties
  • anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxing properties
  • soothing anti-anxiety properties
  • energy promoting ingredients  
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