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Billy Bamboo

Slub Cotton Socks

Slub Cotton Socks

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Those club cotton socks are great for whole seasons, and easy to go with any type of shoes, the thick cotton material bring the most natural hand feel, and those are the pair of socks that can be used for the whole season and go with all different outfits.


- 96%organic slub cotton,4%spandex


- One size fits the most ( M )


 - Cotton can be machine or hand-washed. To prevent garments from shrinking and to keep them looking their best, wash at 30°.

 - Place delicate items in a mesh bag to help prevent snagging or twisting during machine cycles.

 - Pre-treat stains before washing by dabbing a small amount of stain remover on the area. For darker pieces, patch test on an inside seam to check the color won’t be affected.

- Hang cotton out to dry, as heat from tumble dryers can cause it to shrink. This also saves energy.

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