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Broccoli Magazine

Broccoli Magazine

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Presenting a new perspective on cannabis, Broccoli magazine encourages the discovery and intelligent appreciation of cannabis through explorations of art, culture, and fashion. Inside each collectible issue, readers can find a mix of interviews, photo essays, articles, and plenty of delightful surprises, making it a magazine to rival a coffee table book.

In Broccoli Issue 17, Vietnamese ceramicist Minh Le crafts bongs baked in tradition, humans and spiders weave tangled webs, the Black Film Archive curates joy and community onscreen, Molly Strohl captures apparitions in smoke, and Lauren Yoshiko investigates the future of the small grow. Plus: Bob Baker’s marionettes, the knotty history of lace, a flower market full of floral wares, gardens lost to time, the “violence and ecstasy” of young adulthood, and what being high feels like in readers’ own words.

104 pages, perfect bound, with shiny foil logo on cover and premium art paper inside.