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Life Mode On

Life Mode On

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Joanne Orlando

Life Mode On is a revolutionary approach to living a better life with technology and our personal devices, from digital lifestyle expert Dr. Joanne Orlando. These are no quick fixes; these are real, practical solutions for long-term fulfilment in our increasingly digital world. If you somehow find yourself sending emails from the dinner table, staying up late to online shop while binge-watching another series, waking up during the night to scroll social media, and always pressing 'ignore' on your screentime app, you are not alone. Technology is no longer something we simply possess or use; it's part of who we are. And that is not something that we necessarily can - or want to - change. But our transition into living with computers, smartphones and other devices has been fast, messy and unplanned. The exact technology that can make us smarter, happier, more organized and more connected is instead causing us stress and distraction, and highly competent people are struggling to feel in control.

Dr. Jo helps people all over the world to understand their technology use and make it better. From showing how we can better set up our devices (like we'd set up our kitchens) to revealing the 'dark patterns' that websites use to keep us clicking, Dr. Jo helps us to understand and reset our digital habits, whether they be in our homes, workplaces or relationships. Life Mode On is just not a technology book - it's a life book.

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