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Sea Pools

Sea Pools

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An ode to sea swimming—looking at the architecture, history, and social significance of sea pools.

The sea can be challenging and changeable. Protected from the dangers of currents, crashing waves, and extreme cold, sea pools (also known as tidal or ocean pools) are manmade pools that provide a safe space for swimmers to enjoy the benefits of the sea at all states of the tide and weather.

Sea Pools begins with an introduction to sea pools within the history of outdoor swimming, their unique designs and architectural significance, and commentary on the resurgent appreciation for sea swimming in the twenty-first century. Chris Romer-Lee selects 70 of the most beautiful and culturally significant sea pools from around the world, including the 25-meter cliffside Avalon Rock Pool in new South Wales, Australia; the sublime Pozo de las Calcosas in Spain that is shrouded in volcanic rock; and Ireland’s historic Vico Baths, to name but a few. Sea Pools also includes four insightful essays: Nicola Larkin looks to the next generation of ocean pools in her exploration of how we can conserve, protect, and regenerate the coastline; Therese Spruhan testifies to the healing and transformative benefits of ocean swimming; Freya Bromley discusses her odyssey to swim in every sea pool in Britain; and Kevin Fellingham writes on the importance of sea pools in South Africa.

The book is illustrated throughout with beautiful color photography, as well as fascinating archive material to give an insight into the provenance of these vital sanctuaries.

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