Soak Milk


  • Soak Milk
  • Soak Milk

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An aromatic blend of florals in skin softening organic coconut milk + theraputic salts. 

To use: sprinkle in bath, using hands to dispense until blended. Soak for 20 minutes to renew, nourish and soften skin. 

Emulsify a small amount with oil/water into a creamy polishing paste. Massage into skin gently, rinse with warm water to brighten and restore skin tone and complexion. Use as a gentle cleansing + exfoliating facial treatment. Avoid eye area. 

*Coconut milk power, rice flour, *dead sea salt, sodium bicarbonate, *botanicals of rose and lavender

Essential oils of: 
rose, neroli, *lavender and wild juniper 

* = organic 

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